Bruce Pearce

Job Title: 

Director of Research & Innovation

Some of my earliest memories are of being with my grandparents in the Wiltshire countryside walking the dog and being shown the crops, wildflowers, and a particularly vivid memory of lapwing chicks. This sparked an interest in the countryside and farming that lead me to a degree in biology, a PhD in horticulture, and to a career in research.

I joined ORC in 1999 and have held various senior posts including my current as Director of Research & Innovation. Prior to ORC I was a research manager in MAFF and before that for the Consumers Association’s “Gardening Which?”.  My work for MAFF in the 1990s included managing the suite of organic conversion projects that moved my interests firmly towards what is or could be sustainable in agriculture. Since then I’ve been focusing on organic and sustainable agriculture with a particular interest in participatory research and how to communicate research findings to farmers and growers.

Outside of work I enjoy cooking and food, and to balance for an overindulgence in this area, discovered running which has become a bit of a passion since turning 50!  Being a city boy (I live in central London) I also escape to rural Cataluña on a regular basis where I have a hectare of poorly tended olives.