Olivia Davies

Job Title: 

Communications Assistant

Despite not coming from a farming background, my friends and family were bored of hearing "I should have been a farmer!" So after 15 years in the events and marketing world, I finally decided to take the plunge and pursue my love of the rural life. I took a deep breath and enrolled back at college (aged 36) to do a two year diploma in Countryside Management. Sadly my tractor driving wasn’t up to much so whilst I knew that I had a deep rooted passion for the environment and sustainable farming, I probably wasn’t going to make the grades hands on.


When this position became available for Agricology, I leapt at the chance. Asked at interview why I wanted this job I replied "because I believe that sustainable farming can solve so many problems... from climate change, nutrition and health, wildlife diversity and protection, food poverty, just to start... If I can use our communications to influence one farmer's approach or practice and to help alleviate the pressure and stress placed on them as well as the environment, then its been worthwhile."


I remember that thought every day I go to work and it’s a great feeling being part of a movement and of a group of people that harbour such energy and such positive potential for change.