Stuart Knight

Job Title: 

Deputy Director

I grew up on a family arable/vegetable farm in East Kent, and in 1990 gained a Degree in Agriculture from Wye College, London University. I started my career as trials officer for the North of England Arable Centre at Newcastle University. In 1997 I joined the Arable Research Centre, which later became part of The Arable Group and then NIAB. I have had technical, research and operational roles, but am now Deputy Director of NIAB, focusing on our research and technical services. My research interests cover most aspects of arable crop husbandry.

I am currently leading Project 1 of the Defra-funded Sustainable Intensification Research Platform (SIP) on Integrated Farm Management for improved economic, environmental and social performance, with a multi-disciplinary consortium of universities, research institutes, industry and environmental organisations. I believe Sustainable Intensification poses tough challenges but also offers great opportunities for UK farming, and I hope that we can contribute to ensuring a profitable and sustainable future for the industry.

Agriculture has always been at the heart of my interests. However, I am also a fan of Formula 1 motor racing, and I count driving a Ferrari around Silverstone without crashing as one of my greatest achievements!