The Agroforestry Handbook

Agroforestry for the UK

Raskin, B & Osborn, S (Eds.)
July 2019
Creative Commons Licence
Farmer experience
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Resource explained: 

Written for farmers and advisors, this invaluable handbook will help you assess the potential business benefits of agroforestry for your farm or client and to understand the possible benefits to the wider environment, such as sequestering carbon and reducing flood risk. It introduces the theory of agroforestry, looks at practical management and design considerations, and provides information on markets and pricing. The authors are leading researchers and practitioners with decades of experience in agroforestry from the UK and around the world.

Findings & recommendations: 
  • Most farmers manage land that combines agricultural production with trees. There are many opportunites to grow a range of tree crops for human and animal consumption, to help with improving animal welfare and soil health, and to provide building and other woody products. Increased uptake of agroforestry in the UK can also benefit crop productivity, climate change mitigation, and water, biodiversity, and landscape management.
  • The handbook is divded into chapters looking at the definition of agroforestry, agroforestry systems desgin, silvopasture, silvoarable, hedges, windbreaks and riparian buffers, and the economic case for agroforestry.
Summary provided by: 
Janie Caldbeck