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August 2016
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This is the website for the UK Biodynamic Association (BDA), a charitable organisation founded in 1929 to foster and promote biodynamic farming and gardening in the UK. It promotes a holistic approach to organic agriculture and gardening, and food and health. From the home page you can access information that includes: the Demeter certification (the international logo of certified biodynamic food); joining the BDA; biodynamic wine; the biodynamic preparations; the lunar calendar; biodynamic bee-keeping; biodynamic seed production; the ways in which biodynamic differs from organic farming; converting your farm to biodynamics; training, events and workshops; resources: and information about the flagship journal of the BDA - the Star and Furrow. There are also links to links to some biodynamic farms and smallholdings and information on the Biodynamic Land Trust, Agricultural College, and Seed Co-operative.

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  • The concept of the farm or garden as a living organism is central to the biodynamic approach. All components of the farm or garden are seen as parts of a greater, interconnected whole.
  • The BDA states that the aim of the biodynamic approach is to “regenerate the health and vitality of our soils, gardens and land; the integrity of our food; and the health and wholeness of our communities.”
  • With biodynamic farming and growing, manure and herb-based preparations are applied to the soil and compost to enhance and stimulate microbiological life and improve fertility.
  • Biodynamic compost preparations assist in transforming accumulated organic waste materials into humus-rich compost.
  • Planting calendars, which consider the movement of the sun, moon and planets, guide appropriate times for cultivation and sowing for maximum quantity and quality.
  • The biodynamic approach, based on sound organic principles, encourages rich and diverse farming systems leading to more sustainable food production.
  • The research papers and other articles that can be accessed on the website include information on topics such as quality differences in wheat, rearing pigs biodynamically, converting your farm to biodynamics, and working with soil.