The future of sustainable farming – Colin Tudge & Ruth West

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This is one of a series of interviews Daylesford’s Tim Field has been conducting on the topic of sustainable food and farming. Tim speaks to Colin Tudge and Ruth West, co-founders of The Campaign for Real Farming and organisers of the annual Oxford Real Farming Conference. They talk about their motivations for supporting the sustainable farming movement and reconnecting people to food, and the importance of developing a food culture and ‘enlightened agriculture’ side by side. They share their views on how the current pandemic has, and will continue to, reshape the food and agriculture system. At the core of this is a need for a change in legislation. Ruth and Colin discuss the specifics of the amendments that are needed for the Agriculture Bill relating to food sovereignty and agroecology (ahead of the reading taking place in Parliament on Wednesday 13th May 2020). The coronavirus has highlighted how important a strong food system is for all of us. We need changes to the Bill to make it do a better job and to support our farmers.

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