Helen Browning Vlog – Pigs in an organic system

Helen Browning, Chief Executive of the Soil Association and farmer at Eastbrook Farm in North Wiltshire introduces the farming enterprise which includes their 200 saddleback sows.

  • She talks about some of the benefits of this breed of pig and of an organic (outdoor based) pig system; this includes being able to wean them much later (they stay with their mums for at least 8 weeks), not having to cut their teeth or tails, and fitting within the rotation so they don’t come back to the same ground for 6 – 8 years means the disease or worm burden is very low.
  • Helen focuses on pig feed and pig health, referring to a downside being having to currently rely too much on organic grains and protein crops, but a big upside is that the outdoor stress free life means that the the pigs have very few health problems and they have to use very little antiobiotics.

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