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Welcome to Agricology – providing practical information about sustainable farming regardless of labels. To kick off our blog posts I want to guide you through the main areas of the website, all of which can be accessed through the Homepage.  We hope you enjoy getting to know us and visit regularly for the latest updates.

The Resource Library, the core of Agricology, is where all our informative videos, guidelines, apps and other tools are housed. You can find solutions to problems, information about specific techniques and practices, as well as the concepts behind different sustainable approaches.

The main resource page features profiled resources for our six different topic areas. If you are looking for general information you can click on the topic title, e.g. ‘Crops, Forage and Horticulture’, and browse our sub-categories, for example ‘Crop Nutrition and Fertility Building’.

We have launched Agricology with a focus on soils, pollinators and legumes because of the essential roles they play in building sustainable farming systems. Not all the Agricology categories are fully populated but our team is working hard to compile resources that relate to the whole farm and to different farm types. Over the coming few months we will be focusing on livestock. New content will be promoted via our social media channels as it becomes available, so make sure you follow us on TwitterFacebookYouTube and Instagram.

For more specific information you can search the site using our Search Box, which can be found on the top right of every page. You can refine your search using our advanced search options. The results pages provide you with a list of resources that match your search words. The summary page gives you an overview of the resource, the main findings and recommendations, a link to the resource and a list of related resources on similar topics.

The Farmers & Growers pages connect you to real-life situations and experiences of practitioners who are passionate about making agriculture more sustainable. We give you facts and figures about the featured farm, information about the production and marketing, a case study of a particular sustainable practice and an insight into the motivations of the featured farmer or grower.

We are always looking for other people who are keen to share their experiences and innovations with the farming community so get in touch if you would like to feature on the site, or would like to nominate someone. You can find our details on the Contact page.

The About Us section tells you more about the project team. Richard Smith, Agricology Chairman, narrates an ‘About Us’ video and you can read about our experts who ensure that we feature high quality information resources. The governance section explains the Agricology plan, our governance structure and supporters. You can also find information about our partners, all of whom play an important role in promoting and supporting sustainable farming.

To return to the Homepage click the Agricology logo on the top left of any page. The Homepage gives you easy access to the main sections of the site – you can also find a video of the story behind Agricology.

Our News page is under development but will be live soon so do keep checking back. Our team will be working on the site over the coming months, making changes and tweaks every day. We really welcome your feedback so please send us your suggestions for useful resources, alterations or new features. We look forward to hearing from you!

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