Thank You to Our Farmers

We want to pause to celebrate all those who tend our land and give so much to feed the nation. We are all indebted to the vital work of our farming community – who work tirelessly through the good times and the challenging times to keep food on our plates.
At a time when the future of food and farming is being debated in Parliament we want to take a moment to show our appreciation to all those playing a key role in sustaining our livelihoods. Now is the time to create a better, fairer food and farming system for our future generations to come, by building a system that works with nature, uses less chemicals, nourishes our soil, produces more healthy food, and a fair deal for farmers and farm workers
Agricology has created this short video to reflect on the stoic efforts nationwide of all the farmers and farm workers, the sowers and growers, the pickers and packers, those who care for livestock and for crops – all those who give so much – we are so grateful.

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