Agricology Field Day – Rob Havard Talking Diverse Pastures

Date : 30th July, 2019 9:00 am
Venue : Phepson Farm/Droitwich Rugby Club

Diverse pastures: win-win for livestock health, wildlife and your pocket!

Come and join us in the field as part of the Agriology Field Days to share ideas and experiences on low-input livestock, diverse pastures and initial findings from research trials on the farm.

Rob Havard’s pedigree Angus suckler herd graze on diverse natural pastures, including 80ha of wildflower meadows. He is using grazing techniques that are based on recreating natural processes; this allows him to grow healthier cattle for less money whilst leaving the land in better condition. He finds the stock thrive on diverse pastures which provide all their needs and is able to fatten all stock from grass and natural herbs alone. Populations of wild birds are increasing and more wildflowers are being introduced each year from local wildlife reserves.


Key agroecological practices: Herbal leys, low input livestock, holistic planned grazing, flower- rich meadows

Approach: Organic

System: Livestock


Learn more about Robs farm here https://www.agricology.co.uk/field/farmer-profiles/rob-havard

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****Kindly sponsored by the World Wide Fund for Nature***

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