CFE Virtual Field Day: Hedges for Pollinators and Carbon

Date : 2nd July, 2020 6:00 pm
Venue : Online

Expert speakers include:

  • Steven Falk, renowned entomologist, discussing the role of hedgerows for pollinators.
  • Matthew Axe, on behalf of hedgelink, discussing his research into the role of hedgerows for storing carbon.
  • Helen Rhodes, Yorkshire farmer and advocate of sensitive hedgerow management, discussing the practicalities of managing hedges on a commercial farm.

You are welcome to submit questions to the panel in advance of the webinar and there will be a Q&A with panellists during the event.

Register online or send an email to cfe@nfu.org.uk with ‘July 2nd online workshop – Hedges for Pollinators and Carbon’ as the subject.

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