Emergent Generation 2023 – One Year On

Date : 8th September 2023 - 9th September 2023 | 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Venue : FarmED, Honeydale Farm, OX7 6BJ

Join a network of young people for two days in the Cotswolds and work together to build a sustainable agroecological food system and regenerative future. Have lots of fun too!

What is Emergent Generation?

We are a network of young people (18 – 30) working working together to build an agroecological food system and regenerative future. We launched in 2022 and we are growing.

Our mission is to ENABLE young people to share knowledge, resources, skills, opportunity, and inspiration. We celebrate successes and ENCOURAGE each other to create or engage in impactful activity. We EMPOWER our diverse community to build an agroecological food system and regenerative future.

We believe that the next generation will spearhead the transition. We envision a sustainable world where young people feel empowered to enact change across farming and food systems, to benefit climate, biodiversity and human health. A vibrant and confident community of diverse young voices connect people, start conversations, promote champions, and build the foundations for action.

Emergent Generation is for all young people who are interested, passionate, or involved in sustainable farming and food systems, agroecology and regenerative thinking. We reach across rural, peri-urban, and urban communities. Our diverse ecosystem includes those practically involved in farming, forestry, growing, land management, conservation, policy, consultancy, and advice. We welcome researchers, students, informal learners, and the curious. We respect that all members are at different stages of their journey.

We welcome participants from underrepresented backgrounds, people of colour, neuro diverse persons, and those who might have a long-standing illness, accessibility needs, disability, or infirmity (related to physical or mental health).

See more background about the story, mission, and activities of Emergent Generation here.

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