Herbal Ley Establishment & Management

Date : 26th March 2024 | 10:00 am - 4:30 pm
Venue : FarmED, Honeydale Farm, OX7 6BJ

Join the FarmED team and Cotswolds Seeds for a one-day course on Herbal Leys Establishment and Management.

A herbal ley is a complex seed mixture of grasses, legumes and herbs, which bring a range of benefits to forage, livestock health and soil fertility. Herbal leys can often include a mixture of up to 17 species and can be incorporated into arable, livestock or horticultural operations.

The benefits of using herbal leys are as diverse as the species they contain. From building soil fertility and improving water resilience to fostering better animal health and boosting biodiversity, herbal leys are a traditional low-input method of farming that provides benefits to arable, livestock and horticultural operations alike. No wonder Newman Turner, one of the great advocates of herbal leys, described these mixes as his ‘fertiliser merchant, food manufacturer and vet all in one’.

With increasing variability in weather patterns leading to drought in many parts of the country and increasing demand to reduce chemical inputs to farmland, there’s been no better time to consider establishing herbal leys in your operation.

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