How can data improve performance and reduce impact?

Date : 22nd November 2023 | 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Part of CFE’s Countryside COP3 Programme 20-24 November 2023

Organised by Agrimetrics 

Theme: Science, technology and innovation

Hear from farmers, processors, and solution providers on how they are using data to measure and verify production, performance, and profitability as they navigate the challenges of our food system. 

Chaired by Helen Brookes (CIEL). Speakers: Rebecca Geraghty (Agrimetrics), Scott Davies (AgreCalc), Phil Hambling (ABP), Paddy Tarbuck (CIEL), as well as Sam Chesney (livestock farmer from Northern Ireland) and Mike Powley (mixed farmer from Yorkshire) who are ABP famers from the Prism 2030 initiative.   

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