LEAF Annual Conference – Watch Live

Date : 1st February 2024 | 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Venue : Online

Pathways to Sustainability – Scaling the Transition of Global Agriculture

LEAF’s Annual Conference, hosted by BBC broadcaster and journalist, Tom Heap, will bring together an expert panel of speakers to:

  • Examine the pathways to promote sustainable farm management practices globally and the importance of Integrated Farm Management in that context.
  • Explore the role of data as both a guide to intervention and tool for reporting.
  • Identify the incentives, motivations, interactions and roles of public, private and civil society actors in facilitating the transition at pace and scale.
  • Consider the role of financial markets as catalysts to incentivise more sustainable farm management practices.
  • Explore the role that livestock can play within a sustainable farming system.



10:00am – WELCOME AND INTRODUCTION – Philip Wynn, LEAF Chair David Webster, LEAF Chief Executive

10:20am – Panel 1 – Dr. Alastair Leake, Professor Rosemary Collier, Wyn Ellis, Jop Blom, James Bradshaw

At COP 28 Heads of Government and State affirmed “that agriculture and food systems must urgently adapt and transform in order to respond to the imperatives of climate change.” In that context, this panel will explore the specific role of Integrated Farm Management (IFM) in scaling the transition to more sustainable farming.

11:30amPanel 2 – Andrew Hoad, Tara Garnett, Ffinlo Costain, Professor Jude Capper

Evolving insights into livestock and sustainable farming
Last year, Professor Mike Berners Lee challenged those present at this conference to reduce the overall number of livestock in the global food system. This year we will be asking, is there any role for livestock in a global sustainable farming system and if so, what does this sector look like in practice?

2:00pm – Keynote LEAF lecture with Q&A – Professor Jacqueline McGlade

Professor Jacqueline McGlade will outline the scientific evidence around carbon measurement and capture within the context of global farming systems. She will also set out the challenges we face as society to decarbonise and adjust to changing weather patterns and stem loss of wildlife rich habitat

2:15pm – Panel 3 – Professor Jane Rickson, Jonathan Armitage, Duncan Farrington,

What Lies Beneath – Soil Structure & Carbon: Brown Gold?
This panel will refocus debate back onto global farming practices, exploring differing perspectives on the value and importance of soils. We will examine how farm businesses, financial markets and food producers can engage with the complex truth about soils in both a global farming and commercial management context

3:45 – Closing remarks – Cedric Porter

4:00pm – Close

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