The Organic Growers Gathering 2024

Date : 27th September 2024 - 29th September 2024

The Organic Growers Gathering is for small scale fruit, vegetable, herb and flower growers to land workers, crafters and purveyors of folk music.

Whether you’re a weathered master of the soil or a new entrant gaining experience seeding your ideas, there is something here for everyone. Expect lots of practical sessions and break out spaces. We gather to network, skill share, build community, discover, and learn.

We are building a resilient food and farming network. As we work on our farms and the land, we must have moments where we can connect and share our knowledge. As big corps circle around us in both weather and political extremes, we collectivise our love of soil and nature. We root for each other, to watch each other grow.

To create a viable future, we invite the young ones into our growing event, as they will be our future farmers. Sowing seeds whilst they are young. Find the ‘Young Growers Plot’ where they will be practical, fun and inspirational landy workshops. We encourage thinking about the next generation becoming knowledgable at healthy land-based activities.

We are keen to grow alliances between farming networks and platform growers voices for a more resilient community farming future, as part of a ripening food and land justice movement.

As members of Hardwick, where organic agriculture has been encouraged and nurtured, the farmers, growers, businesses, projects, crafters and residents here will welcome you onto this land we share. The gathering is hosted at Tolhurst Organic CIC, one of the longest-running organic farms in the UK renowned for pioneering, ethical stockfree organic standards.

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