Pastured Pigs Farm Walk: Working towards soya-free pig production

Date : 8th June 2023 | 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
Venue : Eastleach Downs Organic Farm Eastleach Cirencester GL7 3PX

As part of a joint project with the Landworker’s Alliance this is the first in a series of visits to farms that are demonstrating different approaches to extensive/pastured pig systems and working towards deforestation-free (soya free) pork.

Helen and Sam Wade have farmed Organic pigs at Eastleach Downs https://eastleachdowns.co.uk/ for over 25 years. Their system has evolved over that time and they have recently transitioned to a herd of British Saddlebacks. They have been working hard to attempt to eliminate soya from the pigs diet by taking a whole farm approach to their pig enterprise and producing a home grown ration, growing crops of grain and protein (wheat and beans, and peas and barley) together. The pigs also play an essential role in the fertility building stage of the wider arable enterprise which incorporates herbal leys and fertility building clover leys within their rotation.

Eastleach Downs have their own on farm butchery which allows for a variety of routes to market for their pork including direct selling to consumers and local pubs/restaurants.

The farm walk will be an opportunity to hear more about the Wade’s system and approaches and how it has developed over the years. The walk will be followed by lunch.

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