RCF East Midlands: The Power of the Mob

Date : 8th May 2024 | 11:00 am - 3:00 pm
Venue : The Inkpot Gorse Drove Scredington NG34 0AH United Kingdom

The benefits of different grazing systems & understand how they can fit into your farming system. Includes livestock grazing equipment demo.

There are a lot of different grazing systems, all with different benefits and challenges. At this workshop, part of the RCF Farm for the Future programme, participants will see mob grazing in action, have a chance to discuss the logistics of setting up such a system, discuss the different grazing options available and view some of the cutting edge equipment which aims to make livestock management more efficient.

At the Inkpot Farm, Hannah Thorogood farms organically with equal care and respect to the soil and her livestock. Working within a permaculture system, she has embraced mob grazing and visitors can see that everything that happens on the farm is fuelled by respect and care for the animals and an equal amount of health and respect for the land upon which they graze.

The workshop will involve walking around the farm to see mob grazing in action, a demonstration of equipment and a chance to sit and discuss different grazing systems over a lunch from the Old Hall Farm kitchen.

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