Regenerative Agriculture – Understanding the opportunities and challenges

Date : 25th April 2023 - 26th April 2023
Venue : Hilton York in York City Centre

There is no single definition of “regenerative agriculture”, with interpretations varying between practitioners; but it can broadly be defined as “an approach to farming that uses soil conservation as the entry point to regenerate and contribute to the delivery of food production and other ecosystem services”. In practice, regenerative agriculture can be broken down into 5 key principles: 1) reduced soil disturbance; 2) retention of green cover; 3) retention of living roots in the soil; 4) crop diversification and 5) integration of livestock into rotations. 

It is recognised that there is a need to bring together the scientific evidence supporting the implementation of regenerative agriculture, to help evaluate the potential benefits and challenges for food production, the environment and farm profitability, across different agroclimatic zones and farming systems. This conference will bring together researchers, consultants, farmers, agronomists and students to share research findings.

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