Regenerative Agriculture

Date : 14th February 2024
Venue : SCI 14/15 Belgrave Square London SW1X 8PS

SCI invites you to join leading experts and change-makers to explore the potential of regenerative agriculture, a revolutionary approach to farming that goes beyond sustainability. It is a holistic system that enhances the health and vitality of the soil, promotes biodiversity, and restores natural ecosystems. By leveraging regenerative practices, we can rebuild degraded land, combat climate change, and produce nutritious food while protecting precious natural resources.

• Inspiring speakers who have been involved in implementing regenerative practices and transforming their landscape who will offer insights into the science, strategies, and benefits of regenerative agriculture.

• Information on practical techniques such as cover cropping, rotational grazing, agroforestry, and water management, including how to integrate these practices into farming operations.

• Updates on the latest research and innovations in regenerative agriculture including advances in soil health, agroecology, permaculture, and sustainable food systems.

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