The Agroforestry Show 2023

Date : 6th September 2023 - 7th September 2023
Venue : Eastbrook Farm, Lower Farm, Bishopstone, SN6 8PA

Interest in agroforestry is on the rise across the UK farming and forestry sectors, yet for many there is still uncertainty as to how to put this concept into practice.
Amidst this uncertainty agroforestry presents a huge opportunity for innovation between those who produce food and those who work with trees. Now is the time to break down the historic division between these sectors to work together towards a common purpose of landscape regeneration and sustainable food, fuel and fibre production!
Much more than a trade show, this two-day gathering will inspire land stewards to collaborate and engage with agroforestry through:

• Knowledge exchange workshops and inspiring talks
• Farmer and forester-led discussions
• Agroforestry field walks
• Live equipment demonstrations
• Exhibitions and market stalls

Join us at The Agroforestry Show to build and celebrate the UK’s agroforestry movement!

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