Trialling diverse forage crops for sustainable livestock wintering

Date : 27th April 2023
Venue : Fortescue Farm Thorverton Exeter EX5 5JN

Innovative Farmers & FABulous farmers demonstration event where farmers will share their experiences of using diverse winter grazing crops.

As part of an Innovative Farmer field lab, a group of livestock farmers have led some new research into diverse winter grazing crops to cut feed and input costs while boosting soil health and biodiversity.

The trial compared their usual winter forage of a single species brassica mono-culture kale crop with a diverse, 16 species fodder crop mix (a mix included clovers, hairy vetch, ryegrass, spring oats, kale and linseed).

Come to Fortescue Farm, where the farmers involved in the trial will share their findings and next steps.

Speakers include:

  • George Greed, Fortescue Farm
  • Chris Berry, Higher Thornton Farm
  • Richard Stanbury, Weston Farm
  • Tom Armitage, Lower Brown Farm
  • James Daniels, Precision Grazing
  • Rebecca Swinn, Innovative Farmers
  • Mike Ingram, Farming Wildlife Advisory Group
  • Sarah Whaley, Farming Wildlife Advisory Group

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