Virtual Field Day: Multispecies Leys part 2

Date : 4th June, 2020 10:30 am
This virtual event is part of a 2 part series in a collaboration between Agricology, FABulous Farmers, Duchy College,  AgriTech Cornwall,  FWAGSW,  and Rothamsted Research.  

Multispecies leys combine complementary grass, legume and herb species. A more diverse sward can provide greater resilience to climate extremes, benefits for animal health, soil quality and biodiversity. Learning about multispecies leys is a work in progress and this two part series will provide opportunity to share the latest findings and practical experiences. Join farmers, advisors and researchers in the virtual field to share ideas and experiences. Join one or both!

MultiSpecies Leys Field day 2 – Ensiling and grazing multispecies leys 

We will explore in greater detail the practicalities of ensiling and grazing multispecies leys. Topics will include:

  • Grazing approaches
  • Cell grazing v continuous grazing
  • Ensiling – timing and inoculation
  • Feed quality and animal health benefits

With contributions from: Farmers experimenting with multispecies leys, Sarah Morgan, Kate LeCocq and Jordana Rivero (Rothamsted Research); Hannah Jones (Duchy College), Kate Still (FABulous Farmers / Innovative Farmers) and Dave Davies (Independent silage consultant).

There will be time for questions and general discussion on the practicalities and benefits of different grazing approaches for diverse leys to maintain species diversity, maximise regrowth and benefit to soils. Additionally we will be covering the latest research and discuss practical issues around ensiling.

Book here to register your place https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/herbal-leys-field-day-2-tickets-106220030972

Note: This discussion will also be recorded and published as a podcast / video 

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