Workshop: the impact of agricultural plastics on soils

Date : 19th March 2024 | 9:30 am - 12:30 pm
Venue : Inkersall Grange Farm, Bilsthorpe, Newark, Notts, NG22 8TN

Agricultural plastics are important to agriculture, but also shed macro, micro and nano- plastics into soils. Sewage sludge and compost application also contribute to soil plastics.

The impacts of this are not well known. Evidence suggests micro- and nano-plastics affect soil water management and nutrient cycling, with unknown impacts on the natural capital and economic viability of agricultural enterprises.

MINAGRIS is contributing to healthy soils in Europe by improving our understanding of the impacts of plastics on soil health. The project is working in 9 countries across Europe. In England, 10 farms (arable /vegetables rotations or horticultural) have contributed their soils, time and knowledge.

This workshop aims to:

  • Provide insights into the amount and type of plastics found in soils in Europe and their sources.
  • Present analysis of plastic in soil from 10 farms in England (Notts, Lincs, Yorks, Cambs, South-West).
  • Raise awareness of farmers and stakeholders about potential soil pollution with plastics.
  • Identify best practice, and potential alternatives to plastics.

The workshop is for:

Farmers and representatives of agricultural advisers, levy board, agricultural plastic suppliers, waste plastic recyclers, bioplastic producers, supply chain actors, compost producers, NGOs, environmental agencies, local authorities and communities, policy makers, and researchers.

For further information please email: jingram@glos.ac.uk.

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