Farms for the Future

With funding from the Royal Countryside Fund, Pasture for Life are delivering the Farms for the Future programme through a series of business and environmental workshops aimed at supporting farmers and land managers/owners to improve their resilience and prepare for agricultural policy changes.

The Farms for the Future programme aims to:

  • Help farms to better understand and prepare for the agriculture policy changes that affect the future of their farm businesses
  • Provide farmers with tools and advice to adapt business models
  • Allow them to understand how to practically improve the management of their farmed environment and how this will financially benefit their business
  • Provide information of existing or new opportunities available, including Defra’s three environment land management schemes: Sustainable Farming Incentive, Local Nature Recovery and Landscape Recovery.

To launch the Programme in the Thames Valley region, we are holding an event at the Royal Agricultural University on 1st of February 2024 from 11am – 1pm, to include a light lunch, with a view to attracting around local farmers and land managers, and introducing the Programme, the beneficial opportunities and the ongoing support available, all of which is free of charge

Farmers, and their families, can sign up to participate by submitting the short form which can be found here.  Or by contacting directly.

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