Morley Farm Walk

NIAB TAG and TMAF would like to invite you to a farm walk and discussion at Morley Farms on Friday 10th March 2017 (10.00 – 13.00, concluding with lunch). The event will focus on fertility and organic matter and is free and open to anyone.  This farm walk is being hosted as part of our work for the Sustainable Intensification Research Platform (SIP).

The morning will feature field stops around:

  • Farming systems research update: a field tour and update on recent results from the New Farming Systems research being undertaken at Morley (supported by TMAF and The JC Mann Trust). This will both follow up on the walks undertaken last year where we looked at cover crops and cultivation, and also introduce some of the wider NFS work looking at soil amendment usage.
  • The impact of amendments on soil condition: we will have chance to view, assess and discuss soil quality in field areas that have either received or not received green (waste) compost rotationally over the last ten seasons.
  • With a focus on wider soil fertility, the requirements and benefits of magnesium and sulphur will also be considered; these are important, but sometimes slightly neglected, plant nutrients.
  • The event will also feature short workshop around the findings coming out of long term amendment use research, soil organic matter assessment and management practices on farm.

The event is free, but please register via the NIAB shop.

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