New resources on organic protected cropping

The EU-funded Biogreenhouse project – Towards a sustainable and productive EU organic greenhouse horticulture – has concluded with a major International Symposium on Organic Greenhouse Horticulture, in Izmir, Turkey and published a suite of 20 publications.

COST Action BioGreenhouse comprises a network of institutions and experts, including ORC, from 27 countries together with experts from Canada, Jordan and Egypt. The network has published 10 scientific reviews and papers (4 published and 6 in print) about major issues in organic greenhouse horticulture. It has also published 6 books/booklets and 17 factsheets, and gave more than 50 presentations in 12 workshops at the Symposium from 11-14th April 2016 in Izmir. These covered nursery management, soil fertility, compost, water management, pest management, sensible use of energy, marketing, and food safety. Guidelines for organic horticulture research and tools for sustainability assessment have also been produced.

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