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Alice Bamford


Being fortunate to grow up in the English countryside, I had the benefit of a true edible education running & riding through the fields and gardens getting my hands dirty and feasting from the hedgerows. My life has brought me to various industries, cultures and places to call home but one constant has always been an aim to do what is best for the health of the environment, those around me and myself.

It was a natural fit to start a farm of my own at my current home in Malibu, California. One Gun Ranch is a biodynamic farm and compost operation and we are proud to grow some of the best produce in the area. 

Sustainable farming is important to me because it is the only way forward.  Our absolute focus is a commitment to soil health and educating the public on the implications of what will happen if we don’t start taking better care of Mother Nature. 

I’m proud of the education we provide at the ranch. I hope that by hosting school tours for all ages we can stress importance of nutritious, delicious foods, and how much works goes into that process.  Getting the farm back into the curriculum is the best way to connect future generations back to the land.


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