Charlotte Bickler

Knowledge Exchange and Policy Manager

I lead the Knowledge Exchange and Policy team at the Organic Research Centre, ensuring that ORC’s research gets out to our key stakeholders in the best format possible. We aim to bridge the gap between knowledge development and its application and use in a practical setting. I work closely with the Agricology team and sit on the Agricology Executive Board.

My research interests lie in developing an improved understanding of how ecological and evolutionary responses can be quantified to promote their successful integration in land management for agricultural productivity, sustainability, and conservation.

I have developed this interest further within the Crops team at ORC; studying how we can effectively increase biological diversity in agricultural systems. For example, within the H2020 project  LIVESEED we have explored the application of evolutionary breeding within organic systems. Working within the H2020 project DIVERSify, and on the marketing of a the genetically diverse wheat ‘ORC Wakelyns Population ’, I have increased my awareness and understanding of the integrated approach necessary to facilitate the transition to an agroecological food and farming system and the role of research within this.

In my role as Knowledge Exchange and Policy Manager, I am interested in exploring the best ways that researchers can share their work to deliver this change. I aim to understand the different ways that researchers, farmers, and other stakeholders can work together to develop and improve their systems with a particular focus on the optimisation and adoption of diversification practices.

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