Edd Colbert

MSc Double Degree Student

I’ve been working as a food campaigner, researcher and grower since 2013. I’ve worked with local communities to resist factory farming in the UK, lobbied the British and European parliaments to protect farmers around the world from unfair trading practices, and campaigned on a variety of issues to prevent food waste across the supply chain. Whilst conducting research for environmental NGO ‘Feedback’ I travelled across Latin America and East and West Africa and gained a critical insight into the vast and diverse workings of our global food economy. Having completed a food growing apprenticeship at a community garden in London I’m now pursuing a Masters program in Agroecology to combine my passion for a just food system with creative and practical solutions for sustainable farming. As a volunteer for Agricology I’m excited to be exposed to the latest research in this area and to begin to piece together ideas from across the sector to be part of the next stage of evolution in the food system. My interests at the moment include alternative phosphorus sources, recycling of ‘humanure’, and mycorrhizal mushrooms in market gardening systems.

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