Jenny Sharman

Producer / Director

I first became interested in sustainable farming during my geography degree at Sussex University. Focussing on sustainable development, it led to my dissertation on using camels in marginal areas of Africa to help prevent environmental degradation and famine. This sparked a passion that would eventually evolve into True Nature Films (TNF).


As a wildlife film-maker, I was increasingly aware of the role arable and pastoral farming was playing in habitat loss, and subsequent human-wildlife conflict in Africa. I recognised a need for education on sustainable farming methods to help decrease poverty while protecting the environment. TNF began with this aim, working closely with independent organisations to improve awareness and inspire change. Now based in the UK, I continue to feel there is a need for a greater balance between agricultural production and environmental protection. I believe communication is key in helping to achieve this goal.


I have been delighted to discover Agricology as it aligns perfectly with my own ideals and interests, and provides an invaluable resource. In addition to working with Agricology, I have completed a Masters degree in Biodiversity Conservation and am working with the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust on a peatland restoration project based in the Yorkshire Dales.

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