Manon Edo

Manon Edo


I grew up in a village in the South of France near Lyon, in the midst of nature which was the beginning of my fascination for all living things.

After studying biology and plant ecology in Strasbourg, I have contributed to a book on the plants of the Palatinate in south-western Germany and also worked in a research group studying the microbial diversity on grapevines. This is relevant since the Palatinate where I live now is a well-known viticultural region 😉.

I then started my PhD in Landau in spring 2021. As part of the European project AGROMIX, I am studying the diversity of birds, bats and spiders in agroforestry systems across Europe. Within the project I have the chance to expend my skills as a naturalist since I spend many hours identifying bats, birds and spiders, which I really enjoy! 😊 I am also fascinated by the complex interactions taking place in agroforestry systems. I am convinced that they can be part of more sustainable and resilient agricultural landscapes and I am eager to learn more about them!

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