Mark Ward

Delivery & Strategy Lead

I work as the Delivery & Strategy Lead at Land Management 2.0 (LM2.0), a non-profit knowledge exchange network.

I studied Environmental Science at university and specialised in agriculture. My dissertation explored farmer perceptions towards agri-environment schemes and suggested opportunities for reform post-brexit. This sparked my interest in land economics and policy and helped land me my first role at Eunomia Research & Consulting in their natural capital team. At Eunomia, I predominantly worked on behalf of public organisations to design innovative methods to facilitate the flow of private investment into nature.

I became aware of the LM2.0 webinar series in May 2020. It was a brilliant initiative, and I learnt more from watching it than I had done in 2 years as an environmental consultant! I started volunteering with LM2.0 and joined in a full-time capacity in November 2020.

At LM2.0 we deliver engagement programmes to support the transition to more sustainable forms of land management. This is important to me, as, if we get farming and land management right, we can deliver so many additional benefits to society; from climate, to nature, to public health.

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