Pen Rashbass

Volunteer Copywriter

It’s funny the paths life takes you on. I originally started as a medic, became a developmental biologist and then discovered that sheep were wonderful. This led to a growing fascination in livestock behaviour, their social interactions and feeding preferences. From there, it was just a short step to become involved in conservation grazing which, in turn, made me appreciate the fundamental role that livestock play in managing a range of different wildlife habitats.

The next life changing event was an introduction to Holistic Planned Grazing and its importance in regenerative agriculture. It is with an on-going sense of joy and wonder to watch how quickly my small patch is adapting to a rational rotation grazing system: the land is more productive, the sheep are healthier, the plant life is becoming more diverse, the numbers of invertebrates, small mammals and ground nesting birds is increasing and the whole system is more resilient to both drought and heavy rain.

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