Bees’ Needs: food and a home


A short video of why we need pollinators and they need us. What simple actions can we take to help reduce the many threats pollinators face?

Resource explained

This simple video animation sets the scene of why bees matter; their role as pollinators (particularly in the UK), and the important impacts they and other pollinators have on biodiversity, the ecosystem and us. 

It outlines the threats that pollinators face and the subsequent effects of them, particularly in relation to habitat loss. It asks the question of what we can do to help combat this, with links made to the National Pollinator Strategy. 

We are offered basic advice on things we, as farmers, land managers, gardeners, conservationists, businesses, the Government and the general public, can do to help create or expand pollinator habitats.

Findings & recommendations

  • Pollinators help provide variety in our diets and they play a vital role in maintaining biodiversity and a healthy ecosystem.
  • Evidence suggests that many pollinating species may be in decline and that it is the combination of different threats that are reducing populations of some species in the wild.
  • The loss of flower-rich habitats increases the impact other pressures, such as intensive agriculture, are having on pollinators.
  • We can all take positive actions to help create or preserve pollinator habitats.
  • Defra is undertaking research to ascertain which pollinator populations are changing, what is causing this change, and which interventions may help most.


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