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Useful publications from a project that focused on ways of improving sustainability and production in organic greenhouse horticulture.

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This is a webpage of the BioGreenhouse project (which ran from 2012-2016), the full title for which is ‘Towards a sustainable and productive EU organic greenhouse horticulture.’ It was established mainly to improve and disseminate knowledge on new and better production strategies, methods, and technologies that would support sustainable and productive organic greenhouse/protected horticulture in the EU. Many useful free publications were created through the project network, which you can access via this page – the factsheets are particularly useful. The publications focus on the major challenges within organic greenhouse production such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, sustainable irrigation and fertilisation, pest and disease management, integrated crop management, energy saving, and using renewable energy sources and new techniques.

Findings & recommendations

  • Topics covered in the factsheets are: Using pea plants for soil amendment purposes; assessing crop water status; use of nitrogen when growing cucumbers; combating verticillium wilt; improving biological control of pests; encouraging natural enemies; using energy sustainably; managing soil fertility; using compost; water quality and irrigation management; managing tomato diseases; effects of different seed treatment methods; pest control methods; marketing food safety, greenhouse heating and cooling; sustainability assessment tools for organic greenhouse horticulture: and guidelines for experimentation in organic horticulture.
  • Access the project website homepage here.


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