Cattle foot care

Ronnie Hattle Interview with Ken Rundle

Prevention is better than cure! This podcast provides some insights into helping you spot the first signs of lameness.

Resource explained

Good mobility and foot health are essential for good welfare and productivity of cattle. This short 1.39 minute SRUC podcast briefly introduces the importance of foot care in cattle, in order to avoid and reduce lameness. Recorded at a Dairy Farmers event at Barony Campus near Dumfries, lecturer Ronnie Hattle explains a few key signs farmers can look out for.

Findings & recommendations

  • When dealing with lameness, prevention is better than cure.
  • It is important to examine your cow’s feet regularly, observing weight distribution and balance, and carry out trimming regularly.
  • Cows have evolved to hide lameness from predators; therefore you need to be aware and spot signs at the early stages of lameness.

(A transcript accompanies this podcast link).

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