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On 7th February 2019, the UK AFINET agroforestry network group met at the Dartington Estate in Devon to discuss agroforestry implementation, including practical considerations around planting, policy and permissions. Special attention was given to barriers relating to land tenancies. In this video clip, Harriet Bell, Food and Farming manager, and Jon Perkin, farm tenant, discuss an alternative tenant/landlord working model for agroforestry that has been developed at Dartington.

Findings & recommendations

  • Harriet Bell describes the process they went through before planting; researching what tree crops they should plant and where the markets were. They came up with a new business model for doing agroforestry – which focused on demonstrating how forestry can add value you to your farm and add diversity to local food supply chains.
  • Harriet and Jon Perkins describes how the system works, and who is responsible for what.
  • Jon explains that the 50-acre field has opened up potential options for different cropping and experimentation, however the practicalities have not been popular with the contractors! The importance of getting contractor involvement for the beginning of the process is emphasised.

*Apologies for the wind noise!

Header image shows the Old Parsonage Farm agroforestry field. Credit: Organic Research Centre

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Jo Smith / Janie Caldbeck

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