The Encyclopaedia of Arable Weeds

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Being able to identify common weeds and to understand their pros (e.g. feed for birds) and cons (e.g. resistance to herbicides) will help you make real improvements in the management of your land. This resource published by AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds is a comprehensive encyclopaedia of 100 major broad-leaved and grass weeds in the UK. The encyclopaedia lists each weed’s common and scientific name, and contains key information on each weed type, such as what crops they are competitive with, where they have been found to be resistant to herbicides, and what is their biodiversity value and ecological role. You will also find a description of each weed’s key features, biology, management, location and life cycle and more, as well as photographs of weeds at different growing stages. An online interactive version of the encyclopaedia provided by ADAS will allow you to easily find and compare multiple weed types.

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Access the online interactive version of the encyclopaedia provided by ADAS here.

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