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The Farm Business Survey (FBS) provides information on the physical and economic performance of farm businesses in England, to inform policy decisions on matters affecting farm businesses. It is an annual survey commissioned by the Government under which a range of management accounting information on all aspects of farmer’s and grower’s businesses is collected. It is an entirely confidential survey carried out by regional universities and colleges, and supported by the farming unions; the Country Land and Business Association and the Tenant Farmers’ Association. The survey uses a sample of farms that is representative of the national population of farms in terms of farm type, farm size and regional location. Farmers can use it as benchmarking tool, comparing your business to similar farms to yours – looking at farm type, region and main enterprises.


Findings & recommendations

  • You can use benchmarking information to compare gross margins, profitability, balance sheets, and performance ratios.
  • You can access regional reports that provide data on farm profitability, assets and liabilities, and cropping and stocking rates.

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