Film: Farmer led research into hot water seed treatment at Riverford

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This is the second in a series of short films telling the story of Innovative Farmers. In 2016, Riverford suffered high disease pressure in their leafy green crops. They had an idea that this disease could be managed if they tackled the seed borne pathogens coming into their fields. So they joined up with the Organic Research Centre and set up a field lab with Innovative Farmers to test non-chemical ways of treating seed and see if it was effective. This film catches up with them to see how the research has been going – it tells the story of why farmer-led research like this is so important.

Findings & recommendations

  • Find out more about the ‘Hot water seed treatment to reduce leaf spot field lab’ here.
  • Get involved in your own farmer-led research! To keep informed of how this field lab and others are progressing or if you have your own ideas for a field lab, you can contact the Innovative Farmers team to find out how to get involved.


Image credit: Innovative Farmers. All Rights Reserved

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Innovative Farmers

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Janie Caldbeck

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