Mixing it up: ORFC 2018 insights

Farmerama podcast

Abby. R, Barratt, J. & Revell, K.
January 2018
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Resource explained: 

This Farmerama podcast ('Farmerama 30: Gove, agri-culture, Human Ecology, Sainfoin and Pollarding') brings you footage and insights from the 9th Annual Oxford Real Farming Conference (ORFC), including the benefits of growing sainfoin, holistic food systems, and encouraging animals to browse on 'tree hay'.

Findings & recommendations: 
  • Politics took centre stage at the 2018 ORFC - the podcast features a few words from Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in conversation with Zac Goldsmith.
  • 'The Soil Never Sleeps', a book of poetry from the Pasture Fed Livestock Association (PFLA), written by their poet-in-residence Adam Horowitz was launched at the conference - you can get a copy here.
  • You can listen to two PFLA farmers, Fidelity Weston and Chris Jones, share their experiences of working with a poet, and read poems written about their farms.
  • Human ecology and holistic food systems in cities are explained by Abi Morden of Propagate, who run Glasgow based food projects.
  • Richard Smith, farm manager at Daylesford talks about his favourite crop, sainfoin and just how beneficial it can be.
  • Ted Green describes the virtues of pollarding for fodder.
  • Farmerama Radio describes itself as a community sourced radio that produces a monthly podcast "sharing the voices of smaller scale farmers in the UK and beyond."


(Header image shows mowing sainfoin at Daylesford)