Wanted: Conventional Farmers with Leys!

Do you have short herbal/diverse leys in your arable rotation that you put livestock on for extra income? Or livestock that spend time on another farmers’ herbal/diverse ley? We are offering the opportunity for a small number of farms to be ‘case studies’ in our exciting new research project and explore the true impact these practices have on their farm and farm business.  In particular, we will look at the effect of short leys on soil fertility and the financial benefits of adding livestock to those leys – especially where innovative product marketing is then used (as pasture fed, for example). 


The project will run for 3-4 years but there may be opportunity to continue after this if you are interested.  Over this period, we will help you to monitor performance indicators related to the leys, livestock and farm business. The specific indicators used will be directed by yourself. We also hope to establish a forum for participating farmers for discussion of findings and to exchange ideas with other growers and producers. Participants will additionally have an opportunity to access a small innovation fund, which can provide ‘seed money’ to support the development of innovations on the farm or within the value chain that you wish to explore, (e.g. new marketing strategies, diversification of varieties or the introduction of new breeds etc.).


If you might be interested in participating in the project and wish to know more, please get in touch. Ideally leys should be of 1-2y length, but do get in touch if they are longer and we can see if we can work around it.  You can email samantha.m@organicresearchcentre.com or call on 01488 658298 (ext. 522). We shall look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!

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