YEN Zero

The industry commitment to reaching Net-Zero carbon emissions by 2040 will require substantial reductions in the greenhouse gas intensity of crop products, as well as increased storage of carbon in the farm system. The purpose of YEN Zero will be to understand the issues, agree common metrics, share ideas, see how they compare to peers and find ‘what works’.

We have recently been successful in receiving Innovate UK funding to develop ‘Dynamic Benchmarking’ for the YEN family, and to enable the benchmarking of crop greenhouse gas (GHG) intensities. The benchmarking of crop GHG intensities will enable fair and easy comparison of emissions between farms, fields and crops. From there, we will be able to see what mitigation methods work best and explore these methods further to see if the benefits can be replicated for others.

We are looking to launch YEN-Zero as a network of organisations and individuals interested in calculating, comparing, understanding and improving their carbon footprints.

Contact us to learn more or sign up to stay informed about the new network.

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