#30minworms survey – get involved!

Due to popular demand, the #30minworms survey is back!

Following feedback, this spring farmland survey is trialling a new way to support your earthworm identification needs. For each soil pit result, there is the option to upload a photo of the adult earthworm(s) in question for identification support and verification by earthworm scientist Jackie Stroud (@wormscience). Check out this video (from 2019) to see the three types of earthworms

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Full guidance spanning how to sample the field (5 regularly spaced soil pits), what information to record (middens, adult earthworms and the three earthworm types) and results analysis is available via uksoils.org, where you can also access the survey.

*You have until April 30th 2021 to take part.

The information contained above reflects the views of the author/s and does not necessarily reflect that of Agricology and its partners.

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