The Future of Food – In Conversation with Henry Dimbleby

As part of #OrganicSeptember campaign, Daylesford Organic have been running a ‘Future of Food’ series, featuring interviews with thought leaders in the food, ecology and agriculture industries. In this video, Tim Field speaks with Henry Dimbleby MBE, author of the National Food Strategy, British businessman, cookery writer, and co-founder of Leon Restaurants and The Sustainable Restaurant Association.

They talk about the National Food Strategy (00:43), the impact the pandemic has had on our food systems (02:32), possible solutions to the issues the food system faces – looking specifically at the organic movement (04:40), and the issue of food waste (13:50). Henry also gives his views on how we can embrace a more sustainable way of life (21:02).


Tim Field is Environmental Surveyor at Daylesford and is a member of the Agricology Executive Board.

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