Planning & Implementing Crop Rotations

In October’s Agricology Vlog, Richard Smith (Farm Manager at Daylesford Organic Farm) revisits a site on which he has harvested barley and seeded a grass ley. In this vlog, Richard mainly focuses on implementing crop rotations, and covers some of the following topics:

  • Using straw to put potash back into the soils
  • Establishing a grass ley under a cereal crop
  • Establishing a grass ley on heavy soils
  • Benefits of red clover
  • Using red clover for fertility building and as a forage crop
  • The ways in which crop rotations will vary depending on types of soil within farms
  • Weed management within grass and clover leys
  • Rotating between cereal crops and grass leys
  • Incorporating lupins and bean crops

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