Support climate friendly farming – one donation, twice the impact 

From 22nd to 29th April the Organic Research Centre (ORC) is taking part in the Green Match Fund Campaign 2022, organised by the Big Give – the UK’s biggest online match funding platform, to raise funds to further their work.

For over four decades the ORC has supported farmers to implement sustainable land management and food production solutions that produce quality food, minimise resource use and protect and enhance the environment.

During the campaign week, 22-29 April, all donations made to the ORC through will be doubled. 

No-one is more aware of climate change than the farming community. Unseasonal weather having an adverse impact on crops is almost an annual occurrence, but intensive farming techniques are part of the problem – 10% of the EU’s total greenhouse gas emissions are linked to agriculture. If we are to feed ourselves and save the planet, something has to change.

ORC aims to enable that change. It is working to expand nature friendly farming in the UK by providing farmers with science-based evidence and practical guides to demonstrate that they can change how they farm the land and still run a successful business. A business that could become a positive force towards climate change.

By supporting the ORC you’ll be championing climate friendly farming.

Because there is no Planet B

Thank you

The Organic Research Centre (ORC) is the UK’s leading independent organic research organisation. Established in 1980, for over 40 years the charity has played a central role in the development of organic food and farming research, knowledge exchange, policy and standard setting. The ORC researches and develops practical, sustainable land management and food production systems, fosters knowledge exchange between researchers, producers, food businesses and related professionals, and influences policy and public debates on the future of food and farming based on sound evidence.

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