Getting Started with Agroecological Farming

Agroecology in Focus - In Conversation with David Rose and George Young

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There is increasing recognition of the benefits of integrated agroecological farming systems but it can be hard to know where to start. In this podcast, Katie Bliss speaks to farmers David Rose and George Young who share their experiences of moving towards an agroecological approach. David, a mixed farmer from Home Farm in Nottinghamshire, talks to us about collaborating with others to establish joint enterprises, including reintegrating sheep in his rotation and establishing an agroforestry system. George Young from Fobbing Farms in Essex tells us how he is integrating  a wide range of crops into the arable rotation to provide greater resilience through diversity, and highlights some of the practicalities and rewards of getting out of the commodity trap. In response to Covid-19 this recording was hosted as an open discussion with people invited to join online and take part in the conversation.

Image of David (left) and audio inset courtesy of David Rose. Header image and image of George (right) courtesy of George Young

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