Permaculture: The Basics

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This page of Permaculture Association Knowledge Base sets out the basics of Permaculture. Related pages cover Permaculture ethics, principles, design, practical solutions, information about starting out in Permaculture and signposts other useful resources.

Findings & recommendations

  • Permaculture comes from ‘permanent agriculture’ and ‘permanent culture’.
  • As an approach it is about living lightly on the planet and making sure that we can sustain human activities for many generations to come.
  • Permaculture combines three key aspects: an ethical framework, understanding of how nature works, and a design approach.
  • The three Permaculture ethics are: ‘care of the earth, care of people and fair use of resources.
  • The ethics guide the use of the 12 permaculture design principles together with design methods which help create an overall pattern or plan of action.

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